Monday, October 8, 2007

National Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach Speaks at Xtreme Dream Leadership Conference

New York, New York - October, 2007 National Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker & Life Coach Georgia Woodbine speaks at Xtreme Dream Leadership Conference

Sparking an inspirational phenomenon wherever she goes, national bestselling author/motivational speaker, and marketing expert - Georgia Woodbine shares her experiences, secrets to success and strategies from the entertainment industry that transitioned into her successful publishing company Spiritual Focus Publishing. Ms. Woodbine “Sparked the Power” in many as she strolled across the room with confidence to theme song “I’m A Believer, by Mary Mary.

That was just the beginning of this powerful life changing workshop. She touched the audience emotions as she discussed her past struggles, fears and obstacles to live in her full potential to add value to the lives of others.

Georgia Woodbine is Author of National Best Selling Author of books, How to Make Big Buck$ Without Selling Your Soul!, Jewels of Inspiration and Reflections, and has produced audio CD’s “Make it Happen” and ““Grab Your Destiny” as well as other motivational products that empower many in communities near and far.

She discussed the 7 Keys to Success and moving from visualizing to actualizing to manifest your destiny and how to overcome the fear of failing. Some of her other topics included:

- The Art of Setting Goals
- Finding Your True Calling
- Moving Your Passion To Profits
- How to Effectively Market Yourself

She closed with everyone speaking their affirmation and stated ”In order to get something you never had, and go places you never been, you have to be open to change and do things you’ve never done.

Ms. Woodbine is one of the most sought after keynote speakers in the areas of personal, spiritual and business development. Ms. Woodbine has appeared on 98.7 Kiss FM Wake Up Club, Conversations With Mayor Ernest D. Davis, of Mt. Vernon, New York, , Air America Radio, 93.5FM, 90.3FM - other credits include, Mt. Vernon Inquirer, Star Ledger Newspaper, Hempstead Times, Black Star News, Roll Out Magazine Moving Forward Magazine, and many others. She has also been listed as one of the top ten books in 2006 by the #1 book club in the country.

Ms. Woodbine has appeared as a guest speaker at Georgian Court University , Stony Brook University, Rutgers University, Howard University, Megar Evers College, Black Expo New York, as well as a long list of other churches and network organizations, just to name a few. She has also seved as fellow panelist with other well renowned speakers such as: Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Dr. Farrah Gray and Terrie Williams.

Her credentials include 15 years of entrepreneurial business success as well as an extensive marketing background. She worked in the entertainment industry with over ten years of experience working for a variety of companies such as; Def Jam, PolyGram, WNYU Radio, WQHT-Hot 97, Black Enterprise Magazine, and the Apollo Theatre, where she honed her management, promotions, and marketing skills.

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