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WHAT”S ALL THE RAVE ABOUT? Georgia Woodbine “Products That Move You”

WHAT”S ALL THE RAVE ABOUT? Georgia Woodbine “Products That Move You”
[Westchester] 2009

What’s all the hype about? Ms. Georgia Woodbine, one of the world's leading authorities in personal, business and spiritual development sparks an inspirational phenomenon wherever she goes, bestselling author/motivational speaker, she gives it to you straight with “Products That Move You.

Ms. Woodbine is author of National Best Selling book "How To Make Big Bucks Without Selling Your Soul", Jewels of Inspiration and Reflections: The Journey of Life and has produced life changing audio CD's "Make it Happen" and "Live By Your Design” as well as other motivational/informational products that empower many in communities worldwide. Ms. Woodbine has appeared 98.7 Kiss FM Wake Up Club, Air America Radio, 93.5FM, 90.3FM - other credits include, Star Ledger Newspaper, Black Star News, International Epoch Times, Harlem Business Magazine, Roll Out Magazine, New York Trend Magazine, and many others.

She has also been listed as one of the top ten books in 2006 by the #1 book club in the country. She has been invited as a guest speaker at The Learning Annex in NYC, Georgian Court University, Stony Brook University, Rutgers University, Howard University, Medgar Evers College, as well as a long list of other organizations and churches, just to name a few. She has also served as fellow panelist with other well renowned speakers such as: Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Dr. Farrah Gray and Terrie Williams. Check Out Georgia Woodbine "Products That Move You" Power Pak ALL THIS ONLY $81,50How To Make Big Buck$ Without Selling Your Soul!

A step-by-step guide to personal, spiritual, and financial freedom.Jewels of Inspiration and Reflections: The book that tansforms your life to live in your divine calling. 7 Keys To Success Journal: Apply the 7 Keys To Your Success daily basis to meet your greater goal in life.Live By Your Design DVD - How to own your power and turn your thoughts into thingsMake It Happen Audio CD: The Secrets to Manifesting Your Dream Motivational T-Shirts that Inspire Yourself and Others – Casual wear for moms, dads, grandparents, kids, & teachers.

YOU CAN ALSO PRE-ORDER NEW PRODUCTS COMING JAN 31st, 2009 $15.00 How To Coose Your Career Path - a book targeted for high school and college students looking to find the career path that is best suited with their passion that will motivate them to be their very best. $25.00 How To Write The Book Inside You DVD As seen at The Learning Annex this highly motivating DVD will teach you secrets of the creative process that give you the boost you need to get your book done. Learn logical structure, time management techniques and development strategies that will turn you into a book-writing machine. $15.00 How To Write The Book Inside You Audio CD This Audio CD will teach you secrets of the creative process that give you the boost you need to get your book done.

DON'T MISS OUT ON THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE !!! AND THOSE AROUND YOUCONTACT US TODAY 888-340-3409 WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT GEORGIA WOODBINE"Products That Move You" She will definitely be on Oprah Winfrey. I believe the information provided by Ms. Woodbine is God inspired by the writers wisdom and experience. Therefore, it requires one to take their time in reading How To Make Big Bucks Without Selling Your Soul! and absorb all the author has to share. I know great things will come to many who follow the advice and insight given in this book. -- Mark Timberlake

“Many of us have a hero or heroine in our midst, and I must say she appears to be one. For me, the biggest highlight when reading her book was the entire book. It is truly a practical guide to attaining self awareness and freedom. It takes special dedication and perseverance to get where Ms. Woodbine is and to open your eyes to the light.” - Maria Ford

Ms. Woodbine is spiritually centered, extremely engaging, high impact educator and a communicator. She is able intelligently pack a wealth of information into a short amount of time. She connects very well with her audience.”

Zechariah Agyeno, President Guest Pass International Corporation

“Ms. Woodbine is no stranger to success and she has used her talents to help others become friends with success”, said Reeves. “She is a revolutionary individual and we are ecstatic to bring her to our show.” -IN THE KNOW with Tony Reeves, Esq.”

"You are dynamic, I really enjoyed your workshop "How To Write The Book Inside You". I learned a lot, and my book is coming along nicely. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being a great role model. You are definitely making it happen! -
Tyrone Turner

"How To Write The Book Inside You" was a brillant birthday gift from my wife. It is full of information, insight and inspiration. Way more, than I anticipated and it was delivered with focus and passion. I believe that most people have a book "inside of them". Ms. Woodbine has given me the tools and enthusiasm to bring that project into fruition. My book is in the making and will be completed."
-Dr. David Davis

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